Engineering services that cover a wide range of disciplines and include integrated model-based designs to ensure optimal solutions.

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Proven frameworks that accelerate the development of information management systems for enterprise environment.

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Control and monitoring to ensure your systems are operating efficiently, including system health management.

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High reliability designs for mission-critical embedded systems.

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Cost Effective

Frameworks that enable condition-based maintenance technologies for to quickly integrate into a fleet.

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Engineering Services
Information Systems
Control & Monitoring
Embedded Systems

Who We Are

Control Point Corporation (CPC) is a full-service engineering and technology firm that develops customized solutions for government and commercial organizations. Since 1995, CPC has been bringing leading-edge technologies and innovative engineering to customers requiring mission-critical systems. Learn more

What We Do

For product developers, we develop complete designs, augment development teams, and provide workable solutions to difficult problems.

For business managers, we develop and integrate tools with processes, plan and monitor projects, produce analytics, and manage data to optimize execution. Learn more